I’m José Luis Zapata, a Mexican electronics engineer and former researcher (studying synchronization in complex networks), currently a tech writer at Google Germany. I’m based in Munich but miss my Mexican food and friends every day.

Before becoming a technical writer, I was a professor and researcher at Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico. I’m currently a Ph.D. candidate in Electronics and Computer Science. I also wrote for many blogs in Spanish (Hipertextual, IdentidadGeek, and many more), mainly about tech and science. This page used to be my blog about tech and science, and the name is a tribute to the legendary BoingBoing.

Communication is my passion and technical writing combines many things I love: tech, teaching, understanding complex topics and explaining them in a simple manner, and learning.

Besides technical writing, my wife and I love board games and have a page/YouTube channel. You can check it out at la-matatena.com.

You can contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter at @zapata131.